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Famouss is a platform allowing independent artists (music / cinema / other type of art) to create their personalized portfolio, and take their chance to establish partnerships / collaboration with managers by talking directly with them on the platform.

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Student in the 5th year of a Master, I have always wanted to carry out a project which aims to help artists to have their talent recognized. There are many artists who are waiting to be spotted to pursue a career in music, film and art in general, but who cannot. It has always frustrated me to see artists more prominent than others that are not being recognized for their fair value, and I want to reverse the trend today.


The pandemic that hit the world in 2020 has turned the culture industry upside down, and it has become more difficult for independent artists to stage themselves and have their work recognized. Famouss is your second chance, grab it now!



Dario Cassano

founder of Famouss "

Music Writer

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Musicians, Artists, Painters, Videographers, Filmmakers, Actors, Actresses...We have all the styles for your taste!

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